Why Buying New Isn't Always the Right Move

Thinking of purchasing your next second-hand car soon?

Buying a brand-new car comes with advantages – not least by coming with all the latest innovations, gadgets and features. But with those advantages comes disadvantages – not least depreciation. After all, approximately one-fifth of the value of a new car is guillotined the minute you leave the dealership. Hardly ideal.

As one of the leading providers of quality used cars throughout Las Vegas, Charlie Cheap Car encourages buyers to think long-term before making that final purchase.

What do we mean when we say “long-term”?

·        Think about cost – how new cars depreciate rapidly over a short period of time

·        What do you need the vehicle for?

·        Why do the latest aesthetics matter more than function?

Thinking long-term means reflecting on the reasons why you want to purchase a brand-new car.

Perhaps it’s the new features – original and exciting though they may initially seem.

However, it’s unwise to spend thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars extra, on features you’re likely to become indifferent to – even bored - in a matter of weeks.

Ultimately, you’re buying a new car to get you from A to B – the aesthetics and “novelty” features are forgotten very, very soon after purchase.

Buying your next car is an investment - a long-term purchase, not something bought for short-term entertainment. That’s where quality used cars come in.

Putting things in perspective

You must think about why you need a new car. What are the specific reasons that you either need to change your existing vehicle or purchase a new one outright?

It could be that your existing vehicle is causing nothing but stress.

It’s breaking down every 5 minutes or some electrical feature goes astray every 5 days.

In these cases, it’s getting from A to B that matters, not what features go awry at random, unpredictable times.

That’s what matters – not advertising or marketing or dream of enjoying the latest novel motoring feature. Sometimes we need to see beyond the marketing illusion toward the clear practical and pragmatic reasons why we need our next car.

Impulsive purchase is massive problem. How many times have we turned up at a store, not wishing to purchase something, only to find ourselves leaving the store with half a dozen bags?

More importantly, how many of us have buyer’s remorse hours or days later?

It’s this type of heavy remorse that hits buyers of new cars. The originality of the vehicle wears off. The features become repetitive and redundant. What we’re left with is a vehicle that gets us from A to B – in other words, a vehicle like every other!

For this reason, used cars in Las Vegas have become more popular than ever. That’s part of the reason why Charlie Cheap Car continues to grow and grow and grow. Our client base understand that quality cars don’t always come from new dealerships. There is now a quality alternative that doesn’t break the bank.

Low-cost, quality used cars

Charlie Cheap Car has since emerged as the leading used car dealership throughout Las Vegas.

What makes Charlie Cheap Car different, though?

By servicing vehicles to the very highest standard; standards that reflect those found in modern, new cars – we provide our client base with exceptional vehicles at outstanding low-cost prices. There is no need to choose between old and new anymore, “as new” or “almost new” has now become the new normal.

So yes, there is a middle way; an alternative solution – quality used cars.

In years past, the choice in Las Vegas was between conventional dealerships and used car dealerships.

As the gap between both has converged, Charlie Cheap Car has emerged to become an ever-popular alternative that always meets its mission statement to provide low-cost, high-quality vehicles that meet buyer’s needs.

This is, in the end, what matters most to consumers.

Buying new isn’t always the right move. Sometimes taking a step back, evaluating the reasons why you need a new car, leads to a more practical and pragmatic solution. With some reflection, you begin to realize that a quality used car, at a fraction of the cost, is the right way forward.

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