Why Choose Charlie Cheap Car?

Used car dealerships are becoming more and more popular.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Instead, look to what IBIS World – a reputable organisation who specialise in industry statistics – have had to say.

They estimate that used car dealerships employ almost 250,000 people in over 120,000 businesses. The annual growth from the period 2011-2016 was steady, but consistent – at 2.1 percent, while the industry generated $105 billion over that same five-year period.

And nor should this be put down to the recession. True, the recession may have had a role to play, but the economy has since improved. There has been no concomitant decline in used car purchases even when credit has become more accessible.

Used car dealerships are burgeoning because of the service they now offer – a service which, when compared to standard dealerships – offers lower prices, comparable quality, and access to finance in a way never thought possible before.

It is these three reasons that we assess in today’s blog – three reasons which are, without doubt, the top reasons to choose Las Vegas used cars.

#1 Lower prices

Used car dealerships offer the lowest prices in Las Vegas. Period.

Low prices are the principal magnet that pulls customers into used dealerships. Twenty or thirty years ago, say, very few people visited their local used car dealership. Instead, they opted for newer alternatives available from standard dealerships.

But the price has caught on. More and more people are now aware of these bargains, and trust the dealership to provide the quality they demand. This is because consumers don’t just want value – they also want value for money, and this is where quality comes in.

#2 Comparable quality

Gone are the days when Las Vegas used car dealerships offer substandard quality.

It simply doesn’t wash anymore. The competition among used car dealerships is strong, meaning a dealership selling substandard used cars will never succeed. Buyers want to know that they’re buying a vehicle comparable in quality to newer equivalents.

Used car dealerships have, in recent years, been able to furnish the evidence to back this claim up. Vehicles are now certified by mechanical professionals – meaning buyers have the peace of mind that they’re buying a vehicle that won’t break down at the first opportunity.

#3 Access to finance

But buyers also need to be able to purchase the vehicle.

There’s little point finding that ideal used car, only to find out you don’t have access to finance. For example, Charlie Cheap Car has a pre-approval rate of 95 percent – even for those with bad credit.

Access to finance is available like never before. It has made Las Vegas used car dealerships more competitive – offering better service to customers in financial hardship. This takes the burden off the shoulders of buyers, thereby allowing them to acquire their next vehicle.

Final Thoughts

In all, there are many reasons to purchase Las Vegas used cars. Here, we looked at the top three: lower prices, comparable quality, and access to finance. We haven’t even touched other benefits – such as the wider variety of vehicles on display at these dealerships.

Whatever the reason, used car dealerships have become ever more popular in Las Vegas. They have become a viable, sensible alternative to standard dealerships – and, like standard dealerships, they now offer practical financial solutions to help finance that next used car.

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