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A Used Car Dealership that Works For You

Not everyone wants to buy a used car.

Though there are many advantages, there are also disadvantages too. For many, these disadvantages outweigh the advantages and they decide a used car is not for them.

That being said, many of these so-called “disadvantages” are, when you scratch beneath the surface, not really “disadvantages” at all. They are just part and parcel of what you’d expect buying anything second-hand, never-mind a vehicle.

What Choose Used Cars?

Used cars come with enormous advantages.

As the leading Las Vegas used car dealership, we…

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Vegas Used Car Finance that Works for You

Searching for an optimum finance plan to purchase your next used car? At Charlie Cheap Car, we've put together the complete solution - irrespective of your existing credit status. 

Charlie Cheap Car understands that many consumers are saddled with bad credit through little or no fault of their own. We also understand that no matter what their credit status, consumers can – if the conditions are right – exploit used car financing to their advantage.

As the largest used car dealership in Las Vegas, it is not only our duty to help consumers find the right vehicle at the right time, but…

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Why Choose Charlie Cheap Car?

Used car dealerships are becoming more and more popular.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Instead, look to what IBIS World – a reputable organisation who specialise in industry statistics – have had to say.

They estimate that used car dealerships employ almost 250,000 people in over 120,000 businesses. The annual growth from the period 2011-2016 was steady, but consistent – at 2.1 percent, while the industry generated $105 billion over that same five-year period.

And nor should this be put down to the recession. True, the recession may have had a role to play, but the economy…

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Building Quality into Each Used Car

Searching for quality used cars throughout Las Vegas?

Charlie Cheap Car is the leading provider of low-cost, affordable used cars in Las Vegas. Our used car dealership has, in recent years, grown from strength to strength as our client-based come to understand, more and more, that when they buy from Charlie, they’re buying quality.

And quality matters.

It’s not enough to purchase a used car which, in six months, either goes out of commission or needs incessant repairs. These costs build-up, often quite substantially. You need to invest in a vehicle that will you for the months and…

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Used Car Buying Guide

Looking to buy a used car but aren’t sure what to look for?

In today’s blog, we examine precisely that – the tips you should consider when buying your next used car. Very often, purchasing a used car isn’t as manageable as one would like. New cars are not only expensive to purchase but also expensive to maintain, too. The value of the vehicle, due to depreciation, also declines substantially with time.

This makes used cars more attractive than ever.

They’re more affordable all the while having the same, or similar, mechanical design compared to their newer…

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What to look for when buying a used car

Not everyone is comfortable buying a used car. From our experience, there are two types of buyers – those that aren’t quite sure what to look for, and those who know exactly what they want. In this article, we’re going to offer a quick review of what you – the buyer – should look out for when buying a used car.

Our used car dealership has operated in Las Vegas for many years now. We’ve always gone out of our way to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase…

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Cheap Cars for Sale - Las Vegas

Second hand cars in Las Vegas aren’t that hard to come by. But quality often doesn’t follow. That’s what differentiates Charlie Cheap Car from the competition; a business that never compromises on used car quality for cost. Instead, we offer our customers the quality cheap cars for sale, the lowest prices and top-notch customer service.

One of the great advantages of buying used cars is their relative affordability. Not everyone has the…

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Top Used Car Dealer in Las Vegas

Charlie Cheap Car is the leading used cars dealer in Las Vegas – delivering unbeatable value for drivers seeking out that perfect used car.

One of the defining features of our dealership is our ability not only to offer the widest, most diverse array of vehicles, but offering these vehicles the lowest, most affordable prices. Gone are the days when used cars are bought at decrepit and damaged and dodge dealerships.

But what about finance? Are there any real solutions for buyers with bad credit?

Used car…

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Why You Should Consider a Used Car Purchase

There are many questions around buying a new car. There is the brand, the model, the specifications, whether it suits your needs, and whether the buyer can afford the vehicle in the first place.

The answer is: it depends. It depends on your individual circumstances and how to meet those circumstances. Here, we’re going to look at just some of the reasons why you should consider used cars in Las Vegas.

Why choose a used car?

Used cars in Las Vegas are now the norm…

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